condo angleWhen a killer gator unleashes chaos on a CONDO community on Florida’s Paradise Coast, it’s up to ex-soldier Frankie Armstrong to hunt down the vicious fiend behind the attack.

The tranquil façade of The Acadiana complex masks a world of sex, violence and subterfuge. Nothing and no one is as they seem. The more Frankie investigates the lives of his fellow CONDO residents, the more shocking secrets he uncovers. The cops don’t believe him, and he has to go it alone. Will he catch the killer, or will the killer find him first.

CONDO an edge-of-your-seat crime thriller. If you like fast-paced storytelling and twists that keep you guessing, then you will love Kerry Costello's gripping tale.

Killer Gators, murdering maniacs. sex mad snowbirds. Greed, lust and debauchery lurk just beneath the surface in the peaceful Acadiana CONDO complex on Florida’s Paradise Coast.

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