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You Owe Me


you owe me angleWhen Frankie Armstrong, a former British soldier, is asked to repay a favour from Joe, the American soldier who saved his life in the Gulf War, he agrees.

Asked to find two men who have gone missing while diving for treasure, Frankie’s journey takes him from cold wet Manchester to sunny Florida. But Frankie is not the only person investigating the men’s disappearance and, with so much at stake, others in the game, play by a very different set of rules...

The call from the American comes just as Frankie is feeling distraught, his wife has left him. The unexpected call shakes him out of his morbid depression and gives him a way out. He grabs the opportunity and goes to America.

Joe owns a boatyard and has loaned a boat and some money to his nephew, a sunken treasure seeker. Frankie thinks searching for treasure is a bit fanciful and farfetched, but soon discovers it’s a serious business, involving millions of dollars and thousands of undiscovered wrecks, many around the coast of Florida.

Nephew Billy Ray has complicated matters by stealing the young trophy wife of a Miami mobster who comes looking for them. Frankie gradually develops some leads but finds that someone has been economical with the truth. Then a chewed up body is snagged by a fisherman off the coast of Florida and things take a turn for the worse.

Frankie’s investigation draws him into the Miami underworld, and a survivalist’s camp deep in the Everglades. His inquiries reveal stolen millions of dollars, and a web of deceit, woven around selling shares for a mysterious cargo of treasure.

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