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“Costello’s latest offering is an absolutely rip-roaring read. Fast-paced throughout, with fiendishly clever twists and turns. One thing this author doesn’t do – is dull!”

Roger Bescoby

  • You Owe Me

    ONE DEADLY PROMISE. ONE DEATHLY TREASURE. When Frankie Armstrong, a former soldier, is asked to repay a favour from Joe, the American soldier who saved his life in the Gulf War, he agrees. Asked to find two men who have gone missing while diving for treasure, Frankie’s journey takes him from cold wet Manchester to sunny Florida. But Frankie is not the only person investigating the men’s disappearance and, with so much at stake, others in the game play by a very different set of rules... Available Now Purchase Paperback Purchase Kindle eBook

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“This book grabs you by the throat and doesn’t let go.”

Joe Mainous